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What Glove Do You Need?

Having the right glove in the right size is important for the player’s success. If the glove is too small or too big the player may miss catches, drop balls, or struggle getting the ball out of the glove and thrown after catching it. Gloves are right or left hand throw.

RHT-Right Hand Throw-Player throws with right hand and the glove is worn on the left hand.

LHT-Left Hand Throw-Player throws with left hand and wears the glove on the right hand.

Youth gloves are designed for smaller hands and fingers. Typically, a youth glove is used until about age 10-12. At this age, transitioning to an adult glove is usually needed.

The glove’s size is stamped on the glove in the thumb or pinky area. Sizes will range from 8-15 inches. Catcher’s mitts will go up to 35 inches. Suggested sizing is based on age and the player’s position.

In T-Ball, a child age 3-6 will use a glove sized 8.5-10 inches for all positions.

Baseball Age 7-12

  • 1st base-11.5-12 inches
  • Infield-up to 11.5 inches
  • Outfield 11.5-12.25 inches

Baseball Age 12 and up

  • 1st Base- 12-13 inches
  • Infield- 11.25-12 inches
  • Outfield-12-12.75 inches

Softball Youth

  • Infield-10.5-11 inches
  • Outfield-11-11.5 inches

Softball Adult Fastpitch

  • Infield-11.5-12 inches
  • Outfield/ 1st Base-12-13 inches

Softball Adult Slowpitch

  • Infield-12-13 inches
  • Outfield- 12.5-14 inches