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Archive for January 2019

What Glove Do You Need?

Having the right glove in the right size is important for the player’s success. If the glove is too small or too big the player may miss catches, drop balls, or struggle getting the ball out of the glove and thrown after catching it. Gloves are right or left hand throw. RHT-Right Hand Throw-Player throws…

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Composite Bats

Composite bats must be broken in. You can do this by hitting 150-200 balls. Also, you want to rotate your grip after your swings to get an even break in. Once you have the bat broken in, only use it for games. Use an alloy bat for practice and your composite bat for games. Make…

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Meet Shane

Hello, I am Shane Johnson. I started Atomic Baseball in 2017. I was excited to start a business in my hometown of Huntsville, Al. My son, Trooper, had just started playing Coach Pitch and I felt a need in our city for baseball equipment especially for smaller children. I spent many hours researching the best…

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